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23. NZW – Specialist Conference of Oncology Pharmacy in Hamburg – 23. – 25. January 2015

Since 1993, the NZW takes place in Hamburg..The NZW is aimed at pharmacists, PTA`s, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and other pharmaceutical professions. DGOP and ESOP president Klaus Meier and Managing director … Continue reading

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Role of the pharmacist in cancer care:  Focus on off-label use of chemotherapies

Reminder! Off-label use in cancer care is an issue for oncology pharmacists given ongoing evolution of therapeutic innovation and cost constraints in this area. We carry out a survey among … Continue reading

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On behalf of the European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP) and the Turkish Oncology Pharmacy Association (TOPA) Organising Committees, we warmly welcome you to the 8th Masterclass in Oncology Pharmacy Basic&Advanced, … Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons to attend ECOP 2014

This year’s conference is going to be one of our best, and I wanted to share my top 5 reasons for why you should join in Krakow, Poland June 26-28 … Continue reading

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ECOP2 registration open

              The largest Oncology Pharmacy meeting in Europe will convene in Krakow, Poland 26. – 28. June 2014.   The 2nd European Conference of … Continue reading

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ANY IDEAS? – A patient…

… in her early thirties presents with traumatic syncope: The patient’s ECG shows prolonged QTc (620 ms) and blood tests revealed severe potassium loss (2.5 mmol/L). No family history of … Continue reading

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CARBOPLATIN DOSING: What is your experience? (join poll)

At the annual meeting of HOPA (Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association) a panel discussion showed clearly that pharmacists miss a uniform standard for carboplatin dosing. Carboplatin dosing is calculated using estimates of … Continue reading

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Empowerment enables patients to play a more active role in their therapy!

Empowerment enables patients to play a more active role in their therapy! Emphasizing interactivity in patient education and ensuring that patients understand and verbalize the information they are given is … Continue reading

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The power of words in cancer care

“You have cancer” – “You failed this regimen” – “You are terminal stage now”  24% of cancer patients reported one or more problems in the area of communication.* The patient … Continue reading

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Drug Errors May Harm Kids with Cancer in the Outpatient Setting

Medication Use in paediatrics is particularly prone to error. Over 5 years a study group reviewed medical records and checked prescription doses (predominantly leukemia): The rate of any kind of … Continue reading

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