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ECOP Networking Evening

A scientific meeting should always offer place for social networking. Having a face to name makes it much more easier to co-work in the future.

The date for the ECOP networking event is Friday 28 September 2012.

A limited number of tickets will be available to conference delegates to join us for an exclusive networking event. Come and network with friends and colleagues over drinks and local delicacies in a relaxed setting.

Price per person: 50 EUR
Tickets can be purchased upon completing the Registration Form or alternatively onsite in Budapest from the ECOP 2012 Registration Desk.

Venue is the ‘Borkatakoba Restaurant’.

The restaurant Borkatakomba (Wine Catacomb) offers an atmosphere of traditional Hungarian wine culture along with superb food. The restaurant is in a catacomb that used to be part of a network of underground tunnels with a constant temperature of 14 degrees celcius ideal for wine storage.

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