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FDA uses Social media in Health Care e.g. for Medication Safety

Do you use Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Flickr and You Tube ?


Also Paul  Burton, doing projects with  Arrow Generics, BMS, Cephalon, Eusa Pharma, GE Healthcare, King Pharmaceuticals, Mylan, Peptech and lots of others published an interesting Article:

The social media effect on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry!

Out there are about 200million tweeters and 750 million facebook users.

Many pharmaceutical and healthcare companies have hesitated getting involved in. The pharmaceutical market is watching each other; they are hiring people for jobs especially the so called high energizes.

They also listen to their consumers, our patients!

Paul Burton says: “Whatever the reason may be, if you decide to pursue social media, you will need to embrace it and engage with the community. “
What can we as oncology pharmacists get out of this technology?

Building trust, humanising, engaging with and learning about consumers, responding quickly to issues, lowering the cost of a communications strategy, providing customer facing teams with real-time information, helping shape policy, having a global effect, as Burton says, but also a positive campaign has the potential to reach a vast global audience within a short space of time, with minimal effort!

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