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Spending money in Hungary: Great dinners or shopping..

Spending money in Hungary: Great  dinners  or shopping..

Do you all know the Hamburger Index?

I think everybody is familiar with a Big Mac 😉

So this Index was first published 1986 by THE ECONOMIST. The idea was to measure the purchasing power parity between two currencies and provides a test of the extent to which market exchange rates result in goods costing the same in different countries (

The Eurozone is mixed, as prices differ widely in the EU area.

In 2012 the price of a Big Mac in US was 4,2$.

So, when you are spending money in Hungary you can easily see what your money is worth in 2012:

Switzerland 6,81
Norway 6,79
Denmark 5,73
United States 4,20
Germany 3,96
Britain 3,82
Turkey 3,54
Czech Republic 3,45
Lithuania 2,87
Austria 2,74
Hungary 2,63
Poland 2,58
China 2,44
India 1,62

*sorry for not listing all European countries, but numbers were not available for all of them.

Chair of Publication

Doris Haider

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