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Last minute!

Dear ECOP Participants!

Only a couple of days left! Arriving home from another conference, I have a few suggestions for you based on my most recent experiences.

Inform about weather!

Check the flight you booked your tickets with, what limits they apply regarding on-board and checked in luggages. It seems now that we will have a nice warm autumn time, with about 25-29 Celsius degrees during the day, with no rainfall. If you travel with a low-fares flight, this information will help you to bring only appropriate clothes  Bring swimsuits if you are a spa / bath fan!


THEY OFFER THE WORST rates. Remember to check rates before departure, it’s about 270-280 HUF for 1 EUR.

Liszt Ferenc Airport is a small size airport. At Arrivals, you will see many cab drivers inviting you for a lift… It’s best if you use ZónaTaxi or the Airport Minibus Service available online or at the airport, and inform about taxi prices before getting in!

If you decide to chose public transportation, remember to buy tickets from the vending machine (HUF 320) before getting on. You may purchase tickets from the driver too (HUF 400). The bus will take you to the end station of the blue metro line.
The best way to see the city (in my opinion) is to hop on a ’Hop-on-hop-off’ bus. Here is a good one, if you agree with me:

Watch your belongings while walking around tourist attractions.
’Hungarikums’ are characteristic Hungarian products that include red ground sweet or spicy paprika, emroideries, pottery, certain spirits (Unicum, Vilmos, Pálinka), wines, salami, Rubik’s cube etc. Inform about prices before purchase.

Tap water is safe to drink

Write down the name and address of your hotel on a piece of paper and keep it with you during your stay, so you can ask for help if you get lost.

Ask Hungarian colleagues if you need any advice, help or visit a local hospital during your stay.
Have a safe journey and see you very soon!


One comment on “Last minute!

  1. Bogumila J.S.
    September 25, 2012

    Thank you very much for all news dear Alexsandra !!!
    see you soon…

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