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Because of this reasons the ESOP is supporting the call for action: Stop Cancer Now!

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world,

Every 2nd Man and every third Woman is diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime

About half of the cancer is considered cured after 5 years. Nevertheless, cancer is the second most common cause of death overall, behind deaths that are caused by a failure of the cardiovascular system. With few exceptions, the incidence of cancer increases sharply with age, and so is the aging the most important (and unfortunately unchangeable) risk factor for cancer. In addition to epigenetic changes that increase over the life course, other factors play a role, such as a weakening of the primary defenses against cancer by the immune system and DNA repair machinery.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 5.47.21 PM

By improving the therapeutic approaches can be achieved for getting people to survive. This chronicity of the disease makes the additional support provided by pharmacies indispensable.

Thousands of epidemiological studies in conjunction with clinical trials and basic research result today an important overall picture of Cancer Prevention:

We agree with the statement that at least 50% of all tumors could through a healthy lifestyle prevented. The main risk factors are cigarette smoking, wrong Nutrition and obesity, and physical inactivity. Considered as risk-reducing Stop smoking and sun protection, plant Food, exercise, aspirin, HPV vaccination and screening.
It is important that for each tumor entity different risk and preventive Factors apply and therefore the data must be interpreted accurately in order to make  recommendations.

Because of this reasons the ESOP is supporting the call for action: Stop Cancer Now!


Klaus Meier

ESOP President

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