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Top 5 Reasons to attend ECOP 2014


This year’s conference is going to be one of our best, and I wanted to share my top 5 reasons for why you should join in Krakow, Poland June 26-28 for the event.

1. Largest and most comprehensive event in Europe for Oncology Pharmacy, patient focussed Workshops and outstanding Lectures

Whether you’re on premises, planning a move to the cloud, or already there, ECOP 2014 will equip you with best practices and practical guidance on how to set up, manage and support your services in oncology.

2. Product roadmap and new features

Be the first to hear about the exciting new therapies to help increase your organization’s collaboration and engagement and focus on helping our patients.

3. In-depth Workshop training direct from Experts in the field of Pharmacy Oncology

Numerous sessions on Best Practices with dedicated tracks for Oncology Professionals and Developers. You will get role-specific information you need to make smart decisions for your everyday work to give best benefit to your patients.

More information to the workshops »

4. Meet Your People

Enlarge your network of professional contacts in Europe.
Mingle with other Oncology Pharmacists for some hands-on learning and information sharing to get your creative juices flowing. You’ll get the chance to: Network with over 500 colleagues and learn about their success stories across a wide range of use cases.

5. Discover Krakow

Where else could you make the most of a pleasant day surrounded by interesting projects, ideas and people than Krakow? Krakow is a Polish treasure that doesn’t cost a mint. Besides old castles and museum, there is a lot of youth culture: likebreakfast coffees or offbeat boutiques.


Doris Haider
Chair of Publication

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