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Role of the pharmacist in cancer care:  Focus on off-label use of chemotherapies


Off-label use in cancer care is an issue for oncology pharmacists given ongoing evolution of therapeutic innovation and cost constraints in this area.

We carry out a survey among oncology pharmacists in different European countries to establish an inventory of pharmacists’ intervention in cancer care and compare European practices. This questionnaire attempts to understand your role as a pharmacist in cancer care, the way you analyse chemotherapy prescriptions and manage an off-label prescription. This survey also focuses on the issue of reimbursement of off-label use in cancer care.

Since the newsletter was sent on June 3rd, almost 30 pharmacists, from 15 different countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Deutschland, Egypt, Finland, Iceland, Morocco, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Spain and The Netherlands), have already answered : thank you!

But… the survey is still ongoing for a few days!

We hope oncology pharmacists from all other European countries will participate for this survey to be as comprehensive and representative as possible.

Click on the link below to access the survey (filling time : about 15 minutes):

Thank you for your help. We will soon present the results of this study!

Mikael Daouphars 
Executive Vice President ESOP

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