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23. NZW – Specialist Conference of Oncology Pharmacy in Hamburg – 23. – 25. January 2015

Since 1993, the NZW takes place in Hamburg..The NZW is aimed at pharmacists, PTA`s, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and other pharmaceutical professions.

DGOP and ESOP president Klaus Meier and Managing director of Hamburg Chamber of Pharmacists Dr. Reinhard Hanpft opened 23rdNZW – Specialist Conference of Oncology Pharmacy in Hamburg that was held from 23rd till 25th of January 2015.

ESOP delegate meeting was held on 22nd afternoon and 23rd of January with 62 participants from 34 countries. At meeting each delegate presented current activities and situation regarding oncology pharmacy in their county. Public sessions followed after delegate meetings.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 16.56.14

Picture 1. Esop delegates

On Friday 23rd there were several good lectures presented. Lecture about contamination study, followed by ESOP -Clean Working Group, and at the end  there has been interesting word about integrating early palliative care into the active cancer treatment plan.

On Saturday 24th   vast of various lectures discussing advances in palliative care, and off-label use of anticancer drugs in Europe and in oncology in general were held. The role of the Pharmacist in medication safety, possibilities in multiprofessional collaboration and importance of patient educational materials have been presented and discussed. In the afternoon program there have been lectures about first results of ESMO-led study, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy and concept of oncolytic viruses. In addition, very interesting lectures were held at the closing of 23rd NZW conference that compared Machinery versus Humanity in cytotoxic preparation accompanied with practical experiences with a semi-automatic Robotic cytotoxic preparation.

In conclusion, 23rd NZW – Specialist Conference of Oncology Pharmacy was well arranged with a vast number of various lectures and workshops.  It was highly educative, and scientific exchange of knowledge and experiences between participants was guaranteed.


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Marko Skelin, Publication Committee

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